The Letters to Parth

I am not alone in being estranged from my son.  Over the last five years, my experiences have brought me the love and support of hundreds of people, many of them strangers, and I have been able to see that my troubles are much smaller compared to the thousands of estranged fathers (and mothers) around the world.  Much of this support has come through this blog.  A frequent request has been to publish my letters to my son separately.  This page is to honor that request.

This page is only a link directory that will take you to the letters posted elsewhere on this blog.  I trust you will find what you came here searching for and you will leave behind more than you thought you would.  Keep the faith.  Everything changes.  Truth does triumph.

Letters to Parth - 1
Letters to Parth - 2
Letters to Parth - 3
Letters to Parth - 4
Letters to Parth - 5
Letters to Parth - 6 (Family)
Letters to Parth - 7 (Freedom)
Letters to Parth - 8 (Hills & Valleys)
Letters to Parth - 9
Letters to Parth - 10 (Anna Hazare)
Letters to Parth - 11 (Christmas)
Letters to Parth - 12 (Identity)
Letters to Parth - 13 (Ravi Shankar)
Letters to Parth - 14 (Rape)
Letters to Parth - 15 (Corruption)
Letters to Parth - 16 (Devank, Your Brother)
Letters to Parth - 17 (Language)
Letters to Parth -18 (Thammi)

A word about this blog to those who might be visiting for the first time or for whom the above seems out of context.  When I realized a few years back that given the environment, it seemed unlikely that I would have direct and unsupervised access to my son in the near future, I decided to put in this blog all that I would have shared with him as a father.  I have heard too often phrases like, "I hated my father because he was never there," to not appreciate the value of a present parent.  Yet, in spite of petitioning at all levels, I have failed to be able to be present to my son.

Nestled among the several posts on this blog on a wide range of topics, lie the Letters to Parth, letters that I wrote to him over the years trying to communicate with him, in the firm faith that one day, he will read these and know that his father was not a bad person or a criminal.  He will learn that his father was not "looj," but yes, quite a character, with all due respect to Manoj Mitra's Bancharaamer Bagan, and that he was honest, not any of the things he was accused of and committed to correctional institutions for, but a dreamer and a man committed to his vision and his mission.  That day, there will be no looking back.  That day, retribution will become unnecessary for all concerned and all things will be restored to wholeness.

I am truly grateful to all who have stood by me, through this blog and otherwise, and I am assured that all our prayers and struggle is not in vain.  Do leave your thoughts behind in the comments.


  1. never had the strength to write detailed letters, but did manage one brief message which I hope will connect to her soul, whenever she gets to read it:

    1. You are among the pioneers of the movement against abuse of gender laws and it is an honor to have you visit this blog.

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