Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where were you when...? (Letters to Parth - 10)

Dear Hardyk, my alphabet, my soaring eagle,

You are five! Happy Birthday! This is a very special time of your life, and you should never for a moment doubt that the universe intends you to become all that you are capable of becoming. Know that you are loved, longed for, and prayed over, no matter what your environment may lead you to feel.

The will of the universe has stood in the way of our being together at this point in time, but I, like a carp leaping through the dragon gate, am unshaken in my faith that this will change soon. Your Dadu and Thammi are in Hyderabad dealing with some strange things, and I am doing all I can to bail them out, and they are very sad that they will not be able to be with you on your fifth birthday.  I too am dealing with some strange things, and am amazed at all the new things that life is teaching me. A lot of what we understand as deprivation and misfortune are the very reasons for our becoming stronger and better human beings. It is as true for you and me, as it is for anybody else.

A common way of remembering history of our times is by asking and answering, where were you when..., or what were you doing when...? The question that will be asked for years to come is where were you when the Indian civil society's fight against corruption was taking place. You and I are blessed to be celebrating your birthday at this time of great importance, a time that will go down in history as pivotal to determine whether we will have a future to hold our heads high in to or nothing to be proud of. You must already be seeing his picture on TV, and perhaps you have even been part of the protests in Hyderabad in his support, but as you grow up, you will learn more about Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption.


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