Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011, Letting Go...(Letters to Parth - 9)

My Dear Parth, my April hare, my lollipop,

It has been a nice run up to summer, since summer is always out there, never here.  I have been good, was in no way responsible for the tsunami or the ensuing radiation and nuclear concerns in Japan and elsewhere, then I have been not so good, then I tried being good again, and ended up in real big trouble.  One learns only with hard knocks and bruised elbows, I guess.  I was not very crazy about "what my dad did when he was..." myths, and given your Dadu,, you will surely understand.  He was the sweetest old geezer ever when he was my age.  He was born many, many years ago, on Good Friday.  He got called Subhash Goodman because of that, I am told, and somewhere down the line he changed into Surajit (Middle initial K for Kumar) Dasgupta.  Thammi celebrates his birthday on April 20, though.  Mia's birthday comes up just a few days later.  And of, course, Easter, and eggs and dresses and dinners on large lush lawns.  You will want to google more about this Christ stuff yourself.  Darn, we should meet, all of us, Dadu, Thammi, Tipu, Chandreyee, Mia, and us! 

The heat has been getting to people.  That is why there are no pictures in this post.  They pulled the plug on Satya Sai Baba this morning, the one who did a lot of miraculously amazing work (predicting the Sri Lanka World Cup win not among the major miracles, though) and brought back the values of Sai Baba of Shirdi (whom he believed he was a reincarnation of) to the town of Puttaparthi and its hinterland.  These are lives worthy of study.

It is claimed that rabbits behave funny starting Feb and right through what we know as their mating season till the rains hit the coast in June.  I have been studying rabbits and hares and found that they kind of chill in the second half of April, like a breather, in an Easter bunny kind of way.  You must remind me to show you my rabid pictures.  Yeah, we read and watched Cujo again.  Two entirely different takes, almost like Kapurush O Mahapurush if they were the same story being told.

March and April, other than tax season in India and then in the US of A, are also the months when we observe Lent, regardless of our religion, since Lent is really more about reflection, repentance, letting go, and starting afresh.  I will let you figure out the Jesus angle yourself, since my deepest understanding of the love and forgiveness he personifies and the very personal nature of his "godness" is best captured in Phil Collins' Genesis number, which of course will be considered heresy by many, and for the free of the world, this is a link to a youtube video of the same song.

Of course I am  kidding,  Haven't known better ever.   However, the two threads of this post are way too tangentiality-prone to permit stillness.  One, Christ and his forty days, and Abba and his forty years.  A lot of people have found Abba only after Mamma Mia got made, but that is just me being nasty.  Sorry, all the 23 of you!

My April was interesting this year.  I got to learn how to walk.  I learned how to borrow cars.  I helped change a crane tire that was like 10 feet tall.  I studied tea and wines and a lot of other stuff that nobody would be better off knowing about.  I also studied tempera and oil, charcoal and thinners.  I learned a little of Islam, and a lot about peace.  I also decided to stop working.  I had fooled myself into believing a few years back that I enjoyed my job so much that it "warnt" work no more.  But hell, woke up one morning late November last year, and said, no way am I doing this any more.  Haven't taken a better decision than this one yet.  What have you been learning, young member of civil society, in your April 2011?

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