Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hills and Valleys (Letters to Parth - 8)

My Dear Kryptonite, All of my Devils, my Starshine!

I know that you will learn and are learning about things quickly and not getting hurt or stung or bruised or burnt. But if you do get burnt, build a burn unit.

If you experience need, give.  

However, this time I thought I would write to you about mountains.  I last sat to write to you in November.  And have been climbing mountains ever since.  Now it looks like I am somewhere halfway up maybe.  

Your Dadu and Thammi spent the best years of their lives in Darjeeling.  When Dadu had his bypass in 2006, he was ruled out for heights and was generally asked to be careful.  The fact that he got the shock of his life shortly after his surgery and then the years after that is another matter altogether. Darjeeling is an average of about 7000 feet.  Thammi too has travels poorly, but travels and travels.  But the devil that she is, and the wheels that she got for feet when she was a kid like you, keeps her rolling, puking, coughing, sweating, getting the mountain belly and short of breath, but you try and get her to agree to sit down!!!  

Everything has a reason, it is just that we don't always get a preview or even a view of it till his designs are all laid forth. Don't miss the butterfly on Thammi's shoulder.  You can click on the pic to see it larger.

They wrote my song.  It is just that I am a poor singer.

Busy getting ready to be able to meet you, much as I have been busy getting ready these last so many days, weeks, months and years; some will scoff, but we will get by. This time it feels so good that its got to be illegal. Spent some time at the end of the year traveling with Dadu and Thammi and then spending the year end with Mia and Tipu and Chandreyee. Came back to a lot of work, and fell ill. Have gotten better, and what more, have started doing things to get a grip on other things too. You and I are lucky to have been together all through in more senses than one!! We will look back and smile at this day some day.

Asterix the GaulDcu All-Star Superman (Single-Disc Edition)ABBA The Movie

Was able to send you Asterix the Gaul, a t-shirt with an older picture of you on it, and something to play with that Mona sent.  Mona is Grainne didi’s mom, an old witch.  She loves you too.  Thammi’s kurta set is with me cuz you have kind of grown too big for it, I hear.

Trust you enjoyed this winter like no winter ever before.  Lion cub, never forget that the winter that tests one’s resilience is the very same winter that is the time to forage and to mend walls.  I was pretty excited that you still don’t write well enough to get into school!  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am and how proud I am of whatever else you do, skate, bike, shriek, fife, pee, whatever!!  I have a feeling that if I were to try and get into any of the schools now, my writing would probably be my Waterloo.  Life is the best teacher about valleys.

Do remember and stay cool in the months ahead, not just from the fun of being together in “the real world” but also to stay protected from the heat, as we enter a period of our planet’s lifetime and our civilization’s lifetime when being hyper about things will be the most cherished value as we scramble to solve climate change and geopolitical resource ownership changes.  I figure a 20-25% bargain on branded oral rehydration preps is a good idea.  Buy half a truckload for the summer, you might even get 30% off.  You must read my post on hydration in my earlier letters.
Thammi and Dadu, Mia and her oldies, and both of us are eagerly waiting to be with you in the flesh.  More about mountains then.

Much love as always,


PS -That means post script, not police station. It is such fun writing to you, cuz I get to write like I think. As a writer, I often have to write keeping in mind how other people think writing should be, and you can find me wearing that mask over at Subho's Jejune Diet. 


  1. ..."life is the best teacher about valleys"...great words, Subho, loved it!

  2. nice write subhu....

  3. Shubho....It was wonderful knowing ur Thammi n Dadu. Darjeeling makes me nostalgic always....
    Exploring hill stations can work up a man’s thirst, the kind that can’t be quenched that easily...:))

    Lovely blog!



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