Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don McLean's Vincent

 American Pie (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl)

A bitter/sweet romance of Vincent Van Gogh with his life painted by Don McLean and his acoustic guitar. Released in October 1971, Vincent is a stanza out of the poetic album (American Pie). From the introductory track (American Pie) that swoops you over with the jive-friendly beat and an easy strumming guitar , the album simmers down to an embracing silence with a heartfelt emotion making its way out of the shell. The smooth varnish of Don’s vocals follows the shy notes played on his mystic treasure. The song journeys through the different shades of Van Gogh’s painted life. From his paintings to his traumas, from the people around him to his state of disbelief.

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This is a must hear song, and the lines above are from sundry anna over at not just junk by the bay and his excellent writing on mumbai music.  The Vincent post is here.

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