Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let us sing together, nicely, now!

You will have learned about 9/11 and how it changed our world. Different people see things differently and respond differently to them. That in itself does not make one response right and another wrong. Human beings largely have a very accurate sense of wrong and right, and it is only when they lose their connection with their spirit that they allow themselves to be influenced by others who may be driven by desires other than what is life enhancing an life sustaining.

Many people who were deeply pained by 9/11 used it as a springboard for their own human revolution. Yet others chose to use it as a tool to arouse further hatred and divisive thinking among peoples. This year a group of people chose to burn the Quran to protest what happened and what is happening. Here is something I wrote elsewhere about this.

Two important things, one, books are living things, they do not die, not even if you burn them, and two, people are life - to judge them or condemn them is easy, to accept and understand and love them is difficult. Do not choose a path just because it is the easier one.

(title unknown): "Fahrenheit 451

I am as apolitical and a-religious as one can be living in society, which is as good as saying nothing, since policy governs each and every breath we take, whether we acknowledge it or not. Religion, patriotism, passion, beliefs are nothing but expressions of our own politics, and as we interface with the rest of existence, these give birth to a complex new animal. Even close relationships are ultimately governed by politics, perhaps very personal ones, but politics all the same.

What happened with WTC on 9/11 is deplorable and is universally condemned by all sane people. The why's and the wherefore's can be debated endlessly and are best left to those who have nothing better to do. What we can do is to determine that we learn from what happened and never let it repeat. We don't have the luxury of adding to our woes as a civilization facing the threats posed by an environment we ourselves have ravaged to the point of being dealt merciless retribution.

Men of God have repeatedly proven themselves to be more desirous of being Gods of Men rather than seeking the divine will (or whatever it is called in your neck of the woods), that of harmonious and creative coexistence. Most Men of God who have not done so have also repeatedly refused to identify themselves as Men of God, choosing instead to do what they perceived to be their task in an intelligent design.

The movement to burn the Quran violates everything that 9/11 violated. It is a classic instance of being compelled to repeat history if we do not learn from it. May the God of these people show them that all of us need to heal and not hurt any one any more. It is sad that an entire community has to carry the shame brought upon it by a few misguided members, just as the perpetrators of 9/11 did for their community.

Let us join our voices to let sanity prevail. You can sign an online petition by clicking here.

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