Monday, August 16, 2010

Mama'r bari

What a breakthrough!  Your Mama (as in mom's brother) came to visit me on the 5th of August after three long years.  It was a pleasant surprise that brought tears to my eyes which I couldnt let anyone see (he had a couple of friends with him whom I didnt know).  After a long day, I too was able to go to my mama'r bari, where I stayed as a guest for five most instructive and life-changing days.

You will be happy and proud to know that I emerged from my stay at my mama'r bari strengthened in faith and determination, freed from several delusions, and with greater clarity about the mystic law of the simultaneity of cause and effect.  You may have felt an unknown anxiety during those days, and you might be fretting as you read this, but I was unharmed bodily and mentally, though the experience left me with emotions that were largely at variance with the values that I subscribe to, but I am certain that this will pass.

Your Dadu and Thammi, as of now, also have a standing invitation to mama'r bari by those who took me there, but they are neither as trusting nor as silly as I am, so they have decided to not go.  I totally agree with their point of view.

I also know that you will have a struggle to figure out what happened and that you will seek and find the truth.  Know that the struggles you face are part of your own chosen mission, though you might not easily see that in the context of your present lifetime.  Always be grateful to those who persecute you for they are helping you achieve your ultimate mission of expiating all the negative karma that you may have created by slandering the law in this lifetime and in the past, and that they are helping you (sometimes forcing you) to come closer to the ultimate object of devotion, life itself, the Gohonzon!

Do not give in to anger, arrogance or ingratitude towards those responsible for these experiences.  All of creation is obliged to fulfill the desires of life to know and express itself, and we often do not get to see that we are nothing but agents of that desire.  Remember to always be full of gratitude to those that enable you to undergo persecutions and false allegations, pray for their protection if you can, since the law of cause and effect is absolute and noone can escape it.  Retribution takes places regardless of our active intention.  We as believers in  the ultimate truth are protected through all such persecutions, but those who slander it willfully and act out of anger, greed and ignorance, by virtue of their actions, thoughts and words, expose themselves to great retribution.  As entities of the mystic law, we can hope that they will encounter the correct teaching in this lifetime, and join us on this wondrous journey that we committed to in the inconceivable remote past.

Do take care and have a great birthday!!

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  1. as i read it i had tears in my eyes.Hope Hardyk grows up and seeks you out some day.Love you subho and share your pain.Ma



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