Friday, April 23, 2010

Today is Cousin Mia's Birthday

Dear Hardykdada, My Joyberry,

Today is April 23, Mia's third birthday!! Happy Birthday Mia!

You might have already called and wished her but when I spoke to her in the morning, she had just woken up and kept asking about Hardykdada in perfectly accented Bengali.

You will surely remember your time with her at Thammi's and Dadu's (it is our good fortune that they should have been my parents, and I, their child) place at Kolkata from some time back.  You can read about it here.

She has grown into a lovely little girl, just as you have grown into a lovely little boy, and you will meet her soon and we will have a lot of fun together.

Till we meet again, do you know why Kolkata is called the City of Joy?  Because every second person is a Bijoy, Ajoy, or a Sanjoy!!

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