Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tipu Uncle

Tipu Uncle writes very grown up stuff. But that is because he is Mia's dad and also because he is a teacher at a school. It is difficult to be a teacher at a school and not be really grown up grown up.

Stuff like...

A dancer lived in me, grew and blossomed with all the accolades he got when he was young, pleasingly performing for one and all! A logical mind also dwells in me, that went on clamouring for a life more practical, not one surviving merely on chunks of passion and creative juices. It craved for money, social recognition, a family and bit by bit, day by day, isolated the dancer. One bell at a time, the dancer's joyous foot work grew softer and softer. Till it turned to the stick of a dance teacher. Drawing new found vigour from the experience of sharing the dancer within, the hard sound of the hard stick, became the only soft mellow that echoed the past rythmic beating of the bells. But the mind wanted more and more for itself, claiming the conventional its sole raison d'aitre. Racing fast ahead, it grabbed for money and fame! None of which it really got, as the artist in me never valued it too much!

You can read more of his writing if you go to Tipu Uncles blog post at

If you want to read the rest of this post that he wrote, you will find it by clicking here.

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