Friday, March 6, 2009

Mathura (first) 2009

Some ways of the Internet are difficult to grasp.  This was a post I wrote at the beginning of 2009, after you had visited the playground of Nandlala.  I had not written anything since I am in no way qualified to speak upon the simplest and surest path to oneness with the divine when compared to many others in our shared lives.  Yet, call it Leela or Eroica, Mystic Law or Jeff Beck's Brush with the Blues, this post has been the second highest traffic fetcher, second only to another mystic post where all I wrote was that I deleted a post, since it had content not perfectly suited to a young reader.  There was no way to judge from the traffic sources whether this post was just being monitored by the army and intelligence people to keep our country safe.

On this page, till now, all I had was a picture of two people riding down towards Vishram Ghat on a bike, and a link to the very first letter I wrote to you.  None of those two people on the bike are celebrities, tough they possibly may be having police records.  It is not rare for people to have police records and to be accused of crimes they have not committed.  Neither is the lane the pic was taken in very picturesque nor does it do any justice in capturing the magic of Braj.  And as I saw that visitors were flocking to this page more than any other, I was tempted to write about Mathura, Vrindavan and the Strategic Nuclear Command.  But each time, I was reminded of my inadequacy to speak of such matters and also the fact that you will learn all you need to about the blue god and his embodiment of the mystic law without any help from me. 

I am removing the picture to see if this page still continues to draw the traffic it does.  I am leaving the link below. Do visit.

(First letter here)

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