Monday, September 22, 2008

The Religion of Peace


We just got done with Ganesh's birthday.  And in between, we have had the sundries of Onam, Tatsunokuchi, and Tipukaka's birthday.  And as we plod through the holy month of Ramzan towards Id and the whole series of festivities that make up Dussehra and Diwali, and lead us towards the new year across Christmas, it struck me how little attention is paid to preserving our civilization from the horrors that we have created in the form of weapons of mass destruction. 


This was what George Bush used to justify the war in Iraq, searching for weapons of mass destruction.  Unfortunately, they couldn't find any, even after the whole world had to go look for them, and a lot of people were killed doing so.  It is ironic that the United States should be searching to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, since it is the only country in the history of mankind to have used nuclear weapons ever.  Even pacifists who were against death penalty were forced to stand up and voice their condemnation of this dastardly act.  You can read Toda Sensei's declaration against nuclear weapons here


While it is important to strive for human revolution and growth, if we do not confront and eliminate the forces that lie within each of us to be powerful and to dominate and control one another, we will not have the courage to stand up against politicians and powerbrokers who play common mortals against each other's fears and insecurities while they continue to pursue their selfish motives of greed and avarice.  IMG_1226

And just an afterthought, listening to your babble and sometimes long sentences that we cannot figure out, I was reminded of the fact that when I was a kid, I used to have my own language.  Once I grew up some more, I found it embarrassing whenever mom would bring the topic up, until I came across Don Martin and his language of things happening.  Enjoy.  The only true law is mystic anyway.  Ptooing!

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